INSTANT Products

Wooshping can provide a range of highly popular full mobile and INSTANT enabled products that are proven to produce very strong levels of customer engagement and use. Whether you requires simple tags, stickers, posters, plastic or paper cards, promotional items or wearable items, we source product globally to ensure we meet your exact needs, for the most cost effective price.

Examples of product that we can supply include:

Stickers - Either branded or unbranded, stickers are a very cost effective product that can be used as a standalone product, or applied to collateral like posters or leaflets. View Case Study

Wristbands - Silicone or fabric, branded or plain, wristbands are very effective for event based promotions that will see your audience continue to engage for weeks and months after the event. View Case Study

Plastic Cards - ideal for voucher or value promotions (i.e. giving away a subscription), the cards can we also sealed in envelopes that will stop them being scanned before being opened thus providing a secure solution.

Hang Tags - popular little promotional items that provide a visual hook reminder to the user, these can be custom printed and shaped according to your requirements.

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