INSTANT Campaigns

INSTANT campaigns are the ready-made templates that mean your campaigns can be set up in an INSTANT. Access your site, download your app, be directed to videos or music, get promotions, access competitions, provide instant feedback...and any other ways you want to win new business.

Below is a list of some of our more popular campaigns. To see a range of campaigns in actions, please have a look at our Case Studiessection or have a look at our Video Wall.

INSTANT Apps - Wooshping's intelligent app download campaigns include platform detection and automatic routing to your app in the correct marketplace. This means you only need to offer 1 NFC tag and 1 QR code to your customer base, and we'll take all the hard work out, and direct them to your app in the right  app store.

INSTANT Social - Wooshping has some unique integrations with Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter allowing you to get the best from the Social Networking sites. Covering everything from "Liking", to "Checking-in" and "Following", Wooshping can help you promote your digital channels in the real world with mobile optimised experiences.

INSTANT Content - Wooshping has delivered a large number of specific content campaigns for our partners. Content such as music or videos can't be stored directly on a tags due to space limitations but using the increasingly fast and ubiquitous 4G networks and wi-fi, you can deliver content via our campaign platform directly to your target audience. Wooshping is able to provide a full content hosting solution or integrations to other content platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Nokia Music, Blinkbox name but a few.

INSTANT Challenges - Wooshping has partnered with a pioneer in the gamification industry to offer our customers unique bespoke opportunities to develop a gamification solution to it's target audience.

INSTANT Feedback - Wooshping's optimised interaction capability is ideal for triggering feedback from customers. Whether you are listed on an existing review site like Trip Advisor, or need a listing set up, Wooshping can help. We have partnered with Local Viewpoints who offer a truly mobile optimised feedback review system and we have also proven integrations into TripAdvisor for reading and leaving reviews. 

If you have any questions on any aspect of campaigns, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.

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