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Christmas Bliss I didn't think that I'd be writing a post titled "Christmas Bliss" on June 13th, on probably the hottest day of the year, but here I am after yet another fascinating week for Wooshping which saw 2 projects born and flourish. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at The London Christmas Party Show, an event that as it's name suggests, was all about Christmas and putting on parties. There were about 45 exhibitors and 600 visitors over the 2 days, and all contact management was facilitated by Wooshping wristbands. Visitors were given a wristband upon arrival and when they went to an exhibitors...
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Wooshping launches Kickstarter campaign with Homebeacons Wooshping today launched its first Kickstarter campaign in the hope of developing a solution for parents of children who arrive home after school to an empty house. Homebeacons are Bluetooth Smart broadcasters that can be installed discreetly at home. Coupled with an app, and the homebeacons service, the homebeacons can have an email alert generated and sent to the child's parents informing them that their child has returned home. The main idea behind the service is to provide reassurance to parents, rather than tracking a child,  that they have returned home. The app runs passively and requires the child to do...
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Wooshping announced as a finalist in 2 categories of the Contactless and Mobile Awards 2014 Wooshping is delighted to reveal that it has been announced as a finalist in 2 categories of the Contactless And Mobile Awards 2014. The 2 projects through to the finals of the awards were both delivered with Nokia in the UK. Each project offering a specific and targeted solution to meet a specific business need.   Loyalty Category finalist - Tap for Tunes 22,000 Silicone wristbands were distributed to staff across the whole mobile phone industry retail sector. The call to action was simple. “Tap for Tunes”. Users of Nokia Lumia devices who tapped the wristband were treated to a special music mix...
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Wooshping & Torchwood Technologies extend collaboration beyond Fratton Park Following the successful launch of on-seat mobile engagement stickers with Portsmouth FC at Fratton Park, (see: Wooshping and Torchwood Technologies are delighted to announce their ongoing partnership to deliver best in class products and services to a wide variety of commercial sectors, where ruggedized, resilient, all weather products are needed. With the best in class mobile engagement solutions from Wooshping, coupled with the all weather features of the Torchwood Technologies products, customers will have added confidence in the flexibility of service offering and extreme resilience and longevity delivering optimum performance year in and year out, with no physical degradation in...
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Wooshping introduces the TripAdvisor Instant Review Campaign TripAdvisor is probably the best known venue review site in the world used by 100's of thousands of venues across the globe, and millions of customers. One of the main challenges for venues gathering reviews is that it rely's on the visitor remembering to post a review when they have left the venue. The chances of this happening must decrease by the minute, following leaving the venue. Wooshping has tackled this straight on by introducing the TripAdvisor Instant Review Campaign which can be incorporated into anything from posters and tabletents, to keyfobs and stickers. The premise is very simple. You tap...
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