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Samsung Galaxy S4 : NFC Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 came and was surpassed in the blink of an eye. It's was undeniably the stop gap that Samsung felt compelled to release to bide the time between the hugely successful (but facing increasing competition) Galaxy S3 and the new superstar of the lineup, the Galaxy S5.

To an extent then it's no surprise that the S4 feels like an incremental step from the S3 rather than a monumental shift. But that doesn't mean it isn't without it's positive elements. The screen, for starters, is lovely. Bright, sharp and responsive to the touch. The processor is clearly up to scratch as the device responds quickly and encouragingly to whatever request you make of it.

The device itself is slightly more square than the S3 but it rests easily in the hand, in fact in my opinion it feels better and more solid than the S3.

Other than that it is pretty much standard Android fare in terms of the software and the design of the interface although one noticeable difference is that the settings screen is now controlled through tabs which means NFC settings are visible straight away as you go into settings. This should make like easier for people looking for where they can turn NFC on if it happens to have been turned off.

The another noticeable deviation with this device for NFC is the placement of the NFC antenna. Most of the devices we have experienced to date have the antenna about 2/3rds of the way up the back of the device, under the camera lens. Not so with the S4, where the NFC chip is located about 2/3rds of the way down the back of the device. This does make it a little more difficult for a user to "tap" their phone as you have to change you grip from holding it normally to clasping it with your fingers like so.


Other than that the device is responsive and are seem to be no compatibility issues with any of the NFC products we have used to test with it.

Overall I think the S4 probably deserved a bit of a better support before being usurped by the S5 as in my mind it never felt like it was given a good enough chance. However, it does mean you can pick one up for a lot less than it's younger counterpart which does make this a good option for some.


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