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This is the reason why people think QR codes don't work. I speak to a lot of marketing managers and when the subject of QR codes comes up the common feeling is that "They don't work. Well they work, but people don't use them, right?" Well, technically, they do work. Sure they are clunky, you need an app, need to start the app, let the app focus on the QR code and hey presto you are away. And they don't look great either. But there is another reason why Qr codes probably under-perform and have a bad reputation among us marketeers. And the reason is that because they are ostensibly free, nobody...
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Wooshping & Torchwood Technologies extend collaboration beyond Fratton Park Following the successful launch of on-seat mobile engagement stickers with Portsmouth FC at Fratton Park, (see: Wooshping and Torchwood Technologies are delighted to announce their ongoing partnership to deliver best in class products and services to a wide variety of commercial sectors, where ruggedized, resilient, all weather products are needed. With the best in class mobile engagement solutions from Wooshping, coupled with the all weather features of the Torchwood Technologies products, customers will have added confidence in the flexibility of service offering and extreme resilience and longevity delivering optimum performance year in and year out, with no physical degradation in...
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Wooshping launches fan engagement with Portsmouth FC at Fratton Park Wooshping has teamed up with Portsmouth FC to offer fans the opportunity to enter and exclusive Man of the Match competition. In what is thought to be the first of its kind campaign, fans get access to the competition, by tapping or scanning the sticker on the seat in front of them with their mobile phone. The stickers incorporate both NFC tags and QR codes that lead to the competition. Stewards will be handing out leaflets at the beginning of the game to the fans so that they can fully understand the purpose of the stickers. By interacting with the stickers...
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Wooshping teams up with Antenna International to provide Instant access audio commentaries Wooshping has teamed up with Antenna to provide instant access to audio commentaries for the JR “Unframed” campaign in Baden Baden which launches on the 1st March, for 4 months. The French street artist JR is one of the most innovative representatives of international, contemporary art. He lives and works in Paris, concealing his true identity. His oversized black and white portrait photos placed as monumental posters on houses, stairs and walls provide a profound commentary on freedom, identity and the limitations of the human condition. The Frieder Burda museum in Baden Baden has launched a major show presenting a wide...
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Sliding Doors - A tragic tale of an engagement opportunity that quite literally slid away So I was in our leafy Georgian hometown of Farnham to get some stamps for Christmas cards and this poster caught my eye. Here was an undoubtedly bold bid by WH Smith and Kobo (who I am a BIG fan of) to do a content promotion and to provide instant and spontaneous access to that digital promotion through the use of a QR code to deliver people a special offer. So far so good. The intent and the concept is good. The poster still lacks a specific direction to the consumer "Scan this code with your smartphone" which would help some...
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Wooshping presents opportunities to clubs to drive fan engagement We have recently produced these little A6 cards which are real demonstrations of how Wooshping can help drive fan engagement and club revenues through effective mobile engagement campaigns. Examples of campaigns we can run for your club include:- - Vote for Man of the Match - Purchase merchandise from the club shop - book or enquire about hospitality packages - buy tickets or season tickets - get more information about the team line-up and much much more. If you would like to receive one of these cards which come enabled with an NFC tag and a QR code to show you...
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Spotify Competition Winners We are delighted to announce that the winners of our Spotify campaign competition were Jealous Monk who submitted their track "Repeat" from the album "I love, I hustle" into the competition. Jealous Monk will receive 100 NFC tags and an associated QR code, programmed to a Wooshping Spotify campaign that automatically launches and plays their album on Spotify. We were blown away by the track and are delighted to be helping Jealous Monk drive fan engagement and Spotify listens through this competition. Jealous Monk’s brand of synth-heavy indie hip hop has been a New Orleans favorite since the band’s inception in...
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