Our Mission is to help partners win new business through real time mobile engagement with their customers.

Our Solution - the INSTANT platformproviding real time contact with customers (for example through NFC and QR codes). Market leading cloud-based tools, analytics, technology and reporting.

  • INSTANT Platform

    INSTANT Platform

    The Wooshping INSTANT platform is the backbone to your mobile engagement campaign and provides cloud-based management and reporting.Cloud-based management allows you to change the behaviour of a tag or campaign from any internet connected device and provides you with the ultimate flexibility to determine how your campaign works. Read More
  • INSTANT Products

    INSTANT Products

    Wooshping can provide a range of highly popular full mobile and INSTANT enabled products that are proven to produce very strong levels of customer engagement and use. Whether you requires simple tags, stickers, posters, plastic or paper cards, promotional items or wearable items, we source product globally to ensure we meet your exact needs, for the most cost effective price. Read More
  • INSTANT Campaigns

    INSTANT Campaigns

    INSTANT campaigns are the ready-made templates that mean your campaigns can be set up in an INSTANT. Access your site, download your app, be directed to videos or music, talk to statues, get promotions, access competitions, provide instant feedback...and any other ways you want to win new business. Read More
  • INSTANT Results

    INSTANT Results

    With INSTANT Reporting you can access deep analytics, analysis whenever you need. Manage and update tags and campaigns in real time (a new app, offer or initiative to maximise ongoing engagement)…all in an incredibly user friendly platform. Read More
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