Our Mission is to help partners win new business through real time mobile engagement with their customers.

Our Solution - the INSTANT platformproviding real time contact with customers (for example through NFC and QR codes). Market leading cloud-based tools, analytics, technology and reporting.

  • INSTANT Platform

    INSTANT Platform

    The Wooshping INSTANT platform is the backbone to your mobile engagement campaign and provides cloud-based management and reporting.Cloud-based management allows you to change the behaviour of a tag or campaign from any internet connected device and provides you with the ultimate flexibility to determine how your campaign works. Read More
  • INSTANT Products

    INSTANT Products

    Wooshping can provide a range of highly popular full mobile and INSTANT enabled products that are proven to produce very strong levels of customer engagement and use. Whether you requires simple tags, stickers, posters, plastic or paper cards, promotional items or wearable items, we source product globally to ensure we meet your exact needs, for the most cost effective price. Read More
  • INSTANT Campaigns

    INSTANT Campaigns

    INSTANT campaigns are the ready-made templates that mean your campaigns can be set up in an INSTANT. Access your site, download your app, be directed to videos or music, talk to statues, get promotions, access competitions, provide instant feedback...and any other ways you want to win new business. Read More
  • INSTANT Results

    INSTANT Results

    With INSTANT Reporting you can access deep analytics, analysis whenever you need. Manage and update tags and campaigns in real time (a new app, offer or initiative to maximise ongoing engagement)…all in an incredibly user friendly platform. Read More
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How it works

How NFC works

NFC (Near Field Communications) is an exciting new contactless technology designed to provide countless opportunities for innovative, effective marketing.

Your customers simply “tap” an NFC enabled mobile against a poster that contains a small tag.

The tag contains the information you've programmed it with, so whether you want to get more Facebook likes or send people to your website, one small tap can have a massive impact.


Ways to use NFC

Custom URL

You can create a campaign that takes your customers to any web destination, for example, your website, your offers page, or even to show off a new product. A Wooshping campaign can take them to any URL or web address you like so you can connect your customers with the information that’s most relevant to them or help you promote specific offers. It’s completely editable so you can change the web address at any point in time making it extremely flexible and effective.

Custom URL

Facebook Like

Increase your Facebook Likes by creating your own Facebook Like Campaign. Customers simply tap your poster or sticker and press the ‘Like’ button directly on their phone. This automatically creates a ‘Like’ on your chosen Facebook page so it’s simple and instant.

Facebook Like

Follow Us on Twitter

Want more Twitter followers? Then create a Twitter follow campaign and allow people to tap your posters to be automatically directed to your Twitter page where they can then easily follow you. They can then keep up to date with all your news and offers.

Follow Us on Twitter

Check-in on Foursquare or Facebook

Do you want your customers to be able to tell the world they’re at your venue? Let them check in on Facebook or Foursquare with one simple tap and you’ll be able to let your customers show everyone they know that your business or event is the place to be.

Foursquare Check-in